How does your resale work? Do you purchase or consign?

We are a non-profit store that works to benefit youth in foster care. Everything that we sell is by donation only. You receive a tax form for your records. We do not pay for merchandise or issue store credit.

What do you take?

We take all clothing and accessories, but no housewares.

What do you do with items you cannot use?

We re-donate anything we cannot use to other non- profits in the area.

When can I donate?

We take donations anytime within our normal business hours, Mon- Sat 10am-6pm, Sunday noon – 5pm.

Where do I take donations?

You can bring them right in the front door!

Where do I park?

Parking is located on the top level of the parking garage, found by going up the ramp. You do not need a token, but please note that it is a one way. To exit, you continue down the ramp located on the other side of the lot.